Surveillance and Security for Oil and Gas

Safeguarding critical assets and plants with 3D Surveillance


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Oil and gas facilities have critical equipment that in many cases operates remotely. Operators strive to keep their assets safe to avoid waste through leakage and to protect them from attacks or tampering. Also, inexperienced staff near equipment can be a safety hazard. Traditional surveillance systems can struggle to identify different threats: Security guards may find monitoring large assets and long pipelines challenging. Camera-based systems alone can be unreliable in bad weather or in the dark. Radar-based systems don’t always function well around metal pipes.

A solution for your challenges

Hexagon’s 3D surveillance solutions allows owners and operators to monitor oil and gas assets around the clock in a reliable, cost-effective way. It combines LiDAR accuracy with thermal and video cameras, works in all lighting and weather conditions, and has onboard AI and edge computing to distinguish between threats and nonthreats. Automated alerts warn guards of security events before they escalate. The system also allows managers to create security zones only authorised personnel may enter. The system can be connected with gauges on tanks, pumps and other equipment so that it can automatically respond in potentially hazardous situations and thus avoid risk to human health.