Why 3D Surveillance

Keep people and assets safe: Reliably detect threats with smart LiDAR-based 3D Surveillance.

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance solution reduces the number of false alarms and adds a layer of security beyond what security personnel and traditional sensors provide. It doesn’t require security personnel to monitor many screens. The Leica BLK247 autonomously detects changes in the environment it monitors. Employing AI and edge computing, our system recognises the difference between a threat and a non-threat — for example, a human intruder versus wildlife — and will automatically trigger an alert if necessary.

Volumetric vs perimeter detection

Conventional security systems detect trespassers at the perimeter of a guarded area but lose track of them once they are inside. In contrast, 3D Surveillance protects the entire security zone. Upon intrusion, our system will provide information about the number of intruders and indicate their size, speed and trajectory of their movement. At each moment, you will know the intruders' exact position.

LiDAR detection vs 2D video analysis

Video-based surveillance offers no spatial information. But that information is crucial for automatic object detection: Video-based object detection can’t differentiate between a small animal that’s close to the camera and a person that’s further away. In contrast, LiDAR-based object detection is based on accurate information about the size and position of objects and can reliably differentiate a person from an animal or object.

Real-time alarm events

The system will ignore objects smaller or larger than the specified limit. Therefore, small animals or a passing train will not trigger an alarm. Our 3D Surveillance system’s snapshot functionality helps the system to learn the scene and to ignore known objects within the environment.

Snapshot function minimises false alarms

Our 3D Surveillance system’s snapshot functionality eliminates false alarms as it helps the system to learn the scene and to ignore known objects within the environment.