Security and Surveillance for Buildings

Safeguarding access and operation of buildings


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Traditional security systems for buildings typically focus on the moment of intrusion: If someone breaks through a barrier, an alarm is triggered. However, such systems provide little or no information about the position of the intruder after the break-in. Also, animals or even drifting leaves can cause costly false alarms, and darkness or bad weather conditions can make such systems challenging to operate reliably. All of these issues can erode users' trust in the system.

A solution for your challenges

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance system can determine an intruder's exact location at any given moment and track their movement within the monitored environment. It is accurate within a few millimetres and has onboard AI to distinguish between a threat and a nonthreat. 3D Surveillance significantly reduces the number of costly false alarms and works in all light and weather conditions.

Application Examples