Surveillance and Security for Arts & Culture

Use 3D Surveillance to enhance the security in museums and galleries


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Security in museums, galleries and similar venues needs to be unintrusive so that visitors can enjoy the exhibits on display. Yet it still needs to be reliable to prevent theft or vandalism of precious art or historical artifacts. Security teams must ensure that the technology is dependable and works in all conditions. They need to ensure that staff monitoring the systems are not distracted or fatigued. If the locations are of significant size or have complex layouts, the volume of staff needed may be large and response time to incidents can be long.

A solution for your challenges

Museum security departments can improve security and reduce costs with 3D Surveillance. Hexagon’s surveillance solution utilises LiDAR to build invisible digital fences around specific areas or objects. If someone enters the safety zone, the system will automatically notify security personnel. LiDAR accuracy complements video surveillance by offering more contextualised data, works in all lighting conditions, and has onboard AI and edge computing to distinguish between threats and nonthreats, which can reduce the need for security guards in multiple locations.