Surveillance and Security for Defence

3D Surveillance for defence application


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Although border control can be crucial for a nation’s security, controlling entrance into a country is often expensive and challenging. In many cases, the reliance on patrols and video surveillance offers limited success.

A solution for your challenges

Securing borders with additional technology such as Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance solution enables governments to control longer stretches of a country’s border day and night in a cost-effective way. Hexagon’s smart 3D Surveillance system uses sensor fusion technology — a combination of video cameras, thermal imaging and LiDAR — along with edge computing and AI to detect and report physical changes within a space instantly and provide detailed insights into any activity along the border. The system operates effectively in all weather conditions and automactially triggers notifications with comprehensive information in an alarm event. With such support, border patrol teams can respond more quickly and effectively to active situations.