Surveillance and Security for Real Estate

Protecting property owners' families, homes and businesses with 3D Surveillance


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Property owners set up alarm systems to protect what’s dearest to them: their families, their homes and their businesses. Undetected intrusions can put people in danger and have costly consequences, including theft and vandalism. Traditional 2D security systems struggle to detect security events in a 3D world. Animals or even bad weather conditions can cause false alarms at night. These can be annoying, erode trust in their security systems and can result in the system being turned off.

A solution for your challenges

Hexagon's 3D Surveillance system is able to determine the exact size and position of an intruder and works around the clock in all lighting and weather conditions. Its onboard AI distinguishes between a threat or a nonthreat, and automatically triggers an alarm if necessary. The system can be configured to define multiple geofenced 3D zones where activity is either permitted or restricted and provides actionable information.

Application Examples