Surveillance and Security for Civil Aviation

Enhance security and surveillance at airports and associated facilities with 3D Surveillance.


Surveillance challenges in your industry

At airports, security is key. Airport operators must ensure that staff, passengers and cargo are safe. Many airports have a fence surrounding the airport for security. Perimetric surveillance systems guard the fence to protect the area within. However, these systems will likely lose sight of intruders and don’t protect against threats that are already within the airport.

A solution for your challenges

3D Surveillance adds to the safety of planes, hangars, airports, runways and tarmacs by scanning not only the perimeter but zones within the facility. In case of a potential threat, the system will provide security teams with detailed spatial information about the suspicious objects or intruders. Zones are configurable and can be used for a variety of requirements such as surrounding cargo to protect it from theft or tampering.

Application Examples