Surveillance and Security for Roads & Highways

Monitor and safeguard roads and highways with 3D Surveillance


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Road and highway surveillance includes providing worker safety and protecting equipment at highway construction projects, but also preventing and investigating traffic violations such as wrong way driving. Traditional systems may be suitable for individual tasks but don’t provide comprehensive solutions that offer accurate and reliable surveillance in all light and weather conditions for all of these challenges.

A solution for your challenges

Hexagon’s smart 3D Surveillance system uses sensor fusion technology — a combination of video cameras, thermal imaging and LiDAR — along with edge computing and AI to detect and report physical changes within a space instantly. The system can detect if people have entered a secure zone and identify a hazardous situation. Because it provides spatial information, it can detect wrong way drivers and instantly trigger an alarm to avoid accidents. The system is always on and scans the environment around it 24/7 without interruption. It can identify the difference between threats and nonthreats and trigger a variety of actions upon threat detection. Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance operates reliably in all weather and light conditions.