Surveillance and Security for Water

Enhance the security of water utilities with 3D Surveillance


Surveillance challenges in your industry

Citizens and businesses rely on water security, and many nations consider water and wastewater treatment facilities to be critical to the health and safety of the public. Similarly dams, levees and hydropower plants provide crucial economic, environmental and social benefits, and operators have a responsibility to remain vigilant to threats. Security professionals in the water utilities industry need to develop complex solutions for protecting sensitive areas of such facilities. In addition, security solutions need to differentiate between intruders and people with legitimate access, such as employees, contractors and vendors. However, traditional perimetric security systems struggle with common threats: They fail to detect drones and can’t trace intruders who are already inside the facilities.

A solution for your challenges

Hexagon’s 3D surveillance system uses edge computing and assistive AI to detect physical changes within a space autonomously. It can distinguish between threats and nonthreats and notify the end user accordingly. Operators of water infrastructure can protect large areas with Hexagon’s 3D surveillance solution which detects intruders and indicates their accurate position, movement and direction. The system can also control air zones and thus protect critical infrastructure from attacks by drones. Our special "Friendly Person" feature enables the system to differentiate between people who are working on site from intruders.