Flexible Integration

Your security challenges are unique. That's why Accur8vision offers customisation and flexible integration.

Flexible Integration

Accur8vision easily integrates into other systems such as PSIM or VMS. For integration, an API is used, allowing Accur8vision to transmit information. The operators will receive information such as the number of intruders, their positions and the status of the zones (e.g. armed or unarmed). The system also notifies the operators in case the connected detectors are not fully functioning, for example because of technical issues or sabotage.

Accur8vision also connects to external systems using IP I/O modules on the LAN and can control outputs of connected PSIM systems or devices such as gates, sirens, beacons, turnstiles, roller shutters, lights, SMS gates, etc.

Conversely, other systems can also control Accur8vision via I/O modules.

Accur8vision is an open platform for smart 3D detectors. It currently supports multiple different lidar models from manufacturers around the world.

Combining PTZ cameras with LiDAR sensors adds additional crucial information for operators: Accur8vision can automatically point PTZ cameras in the direction of suspect activity to give the operator a comprehensive overview of the situation in the alarm zone.