System Setup

Optimise Accur8vision for your needs.

Accur8vision is a flexible and customisable system. Learn how to set it up and optimise it for your security needs.

Planning Tool (Lidar and Camera)Video_White

Planning Tool (Lidar and Camera)

Use this interactive planning tool to select the best combination of LiDAR and video cameras and optimise their location for best security.

Alarms and setupVideo_White

Alarms and setup

Customise the response Accur8vision will trigger in case of an alarm event. The system has several types of alarms and will inform you in case of an intrusion.

Zone types selectionVideo_White

Zone types selection

Within Accur8vision, you can define security zones and customize the system's response based on these zones.

Aging The SceneVideo_White

Aging the scene

A new item that enters a zone and does not move for some time becomes part of the scene and will no longer activate an alarm.