Security and Surveillance Solution Partners

Technologies of our vetted solution partners combine easily with our components.

Hexagon’s 3D Surveillance provides protection in various industries and solves diverse challenges. To make our solutions even more versatile, our components are compatible with other systems. Our trusted solution partners offer complementary services that seamlessly integrate with our surveillance solutions.

  • Augmented Intelligence

    Augmented Intelligence

    Beam Me Up
    Beam Me Up is a scientific hub. Coupling biometric measurements with artificial intelligence and biofeedback, this team is dedicated to enhancing human experiences, safety and business performance through advances in AI, VR and AR technologies.

  • Cortrol VMS

    Cortrol VMS

    Integrating Ganz CORTROL VMS with the Leica BLK247 delivers enterprise-level surveillance solutions for various industries, including public safety, mining, energy infrastructure and transportation.

  • Senfi

    EBIS spol. s.r.o.

    EISS (Enterprise Integrated Security System)
    EISS is an integrated Security, Access Control, CCTV and Time and Attendance Systém with seamless integration of Fire Alarm Systems, Key and Asset management, Perimeter protection and other Smart Building Management Systems.


    Luxriot® Evo

    Luxriot® Evo
    Luxriot® Evo is a complete surveillance ecosystem solution for enterprises of any size, even those distributed across multiple sites. Offering the latest engineering advances, 64-bit architecture and all the necessary tools for setting up an absolute situational awareness system, Evo is designed to provide fast processing at any scale.

  • Senfi

    Gamanet a.s.

    C4 is an integrated security system that provides a centralized multiuser solution for building security management. Developing an open modular system we make it possible to adjust your installation according to your requirements - from simple monitoring systems for a single building to robust, large enterprise solutions to monitor various security devices in multiple buildings, regardless of the distance between them. Just as your needs are always evolving, C4 also advances continuously, building and supporting the most innovative integrated software security solutions, empowering our customers to better protect and manage their people, property and assets. We, in Gamanet truly understand the value of flexible scalability.

  • Ouster LiDAR

    Ouster Lidar

    Accur8vision has become the default security solution for lidar manufacturer Ouster. A special simpler version of Accur8vision Basic has been created for Ouster customers, but can be upgraded to the higher Advanced and Expert versions. By linking the large range of Ouster lidar and Accur8vision, an unbeatable scalable system is created that is unrivalled in the Security industry.

  • Precision Reality

    Precision Reality

    DMI Inc.
    Precision Reality™ is an asset intelligence platform for Industry 4.0, connecting innovative data and visualisation solutions to deliver actionable insights in real time. Through a combination of software, hardware and services that leverage the latest emerging technologies, Precision Reality™ collects data and analytics to visualise solutions and make decisions faster.

  • Rise Up Technologies

    Rise Up Technologies

    Rise Up Technologies
    Rise Up Technologies Inc. is a manufacturer of high-tech, innovative and hybrid solar-powered surveillance systems with full wireless connectivity in fixed, movable, and fully mobile configurations.

  • Senfi


    G Element
    Senfi is a 3D smart building cloud service that unifies real-time data with 3D building models to deliver live digital twins for universal situation awareness.

  • Senfi

    Trade FIDES

    Trade FIDES
    The ASSET system is a combination of SW and HW solutions that allow you to solve security and monitor a building or premises (I&HAS Alarm system) with a single product. It can establish access only to authorized persons (ACS), control lighting, air conditioning, and connection to sensors (MaR), monitor and control availability of parking lots, and much more.